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Round Trip

5 Instagram-Worthy Destinations

By Gracee Tolentino

We live to travel at Origins. What’s not to love? New places, new people, new adventures. And of course, the envy-inducing pic posting opportunities. We’re always on the hunt for fab new skin-transforming ingredients. And while we were off exploring, we discovered some really cool places guaranteed to up your ‘gram game. We promise the snaps will make your friends crazy jealous and take your likes to an all-time high. Plus, we talked to some travel experts who totally agree with our picks!

Discover the culture of Bordeaux, France

Skip the crowds in Paris and get the full French experience in Bordeaux. It’s “such a romantic place,” says travel writer and photographer Stephanie Orma.

Good lighting is key. Aim for dusk and dawn to catch that gorgeous golden glow.

“It has all the charms of Paris—from quaint street cafes to museums to stunning architecture—sans the tourist flocks and frenetic buzz.” It’s a foodie pic paradise with great scenery (not to mention history, culture, etc). You can’t post wrong!

*Due to recent flooding, Bordeaux might be a bit rough around the edges for a minute. But it’s sure to bounce back to its beautiful self shortly. And trust us, you want to be there eating entrecote bordelaise and drinking a nice (what else but) Bordeaux, when it does.

Adventure thru the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador

No direct flights means the adventure starts before you even arrive. And once you do, your insta pics will be all the more rare and awe-inspiring. Destination specialist (yeah we want that job, too) Mandy Haakenson considers the Galapagos a dream for photogs (pros and not-so-pros alike) because it’s filled with crazy unique creatures. “Because the animals are not afraid of people, you can get up close and personal—even with just a cameraphone—to take great wildlife shots,” she says. You’ll def be the only one in your crew posing with a giant tortoise.  #winning

Chill out on the beaches of Croatia

A cutting edge beach vacay? Yes! Such a thing exists. And it’s in Croatia, a country full of Mediterranean charm and ridiculously scenic shorelines. “The vivid blues of the Adriatic Sea add beautiful contrast to the old stone walls and the burnt orange-red of building roofs,” says photographer Jacklyn Shields. “From Rovinj down to Dubrovnik, the entire coastline is peppered with gorgeous, practically untouched blends of Romanesque, Renaissance, and Baroque architecture.” Basically, the whole place is a photog’s dream. Snap away!

Capture the culture. Snap pics with truly local flavor - people in their day-to-day lives, rituals & ceremonies, food you've never seen before.

Explore the idyllic panoramas of Iceland

Gorgeous glaciers? Check. Glimmering Northern Lights? Check. But Iceland’s got way more to offer from Mother Nature if you visit when it’s thawed out for summer. Like waterfalls and rainbows and greenery! “The green moss is greener than anything you’ve seen, and you don’t have to venture too far into the highlands to experience raw, magnificent beauty,” says Haakenson. Plus, Reykjavik is a pretty cool town with lots of colorful, charming selfie backgrounds to choose from.

Check in with your spiritual side in Bali, Indonesia

Use #islandofthegods on any pic, and you’re bound to get some double taps. Bali’s mystical vibes, unique culture (a mix of Hindu & Buddhist traditions) and vibrant scenery have been captivating photogs for ages. “Photographing the ceremonies, vibrant costumes and temples is truly special. It also doesn’t hurt that Bali is a tropical paradise with gorgeous flora” says Shields. What are you waiting for? Go in April or September to skip the wet season and avoid summer crowds.

Aerial view of Dubrovnik,Croatian city on the Adraiatic Sea

Dubrovnik, Croatia.

5 tips to take your insta pics to the next level

Haakenson shares her secrets:

1. Good lighting is key. Aim for dusk and dawn to catch that gorgeous golden glow.
2. Capture the culture. Snap pics with truly local flavor—people in their day-to-day lives, rituals & ceremonies, food you’ve never seen before.
3. Be patient. If something’s blocking your shot or the sun’s not cooperating, wait it out. You’ll be glad you did.
4. Don’t rely heavily filters. Try out different photo-editing apps like VSCO. Or get a vintage vibe with Afterlight.
5. Lay off the zoom. Especially on cameraphones. If you zoom in before you shoot you’ll get grainy, blurry results. Instead, crop the photo after to get the angle you want.