Prepare To Be Bowled Over

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Prepare To Be Bowled Over

By Shelley Levitt

If you’ve got lemons, make lemonade. And if you have salsa dripping on your lap, invent an insanely popular spill-proof bowl that protects the environment & changes lives. At least, that’s what you do if you’re Jeff Bollengier.

The quest to build a better bowl began on a family surf trip to Baja, Mexico when Jeff was 14 & the salsa struggle was real. He was trying to scoop some salsa onto a tortilla chip, but it kept falling off the chip, over the side of the bowl & onto the table. #sadface. Someone, he thought, should invent a better bowl. Little did he know, that someone would be him.

CaliBowl rescues more than 20 tons of plastic leftovers from landfills each year.

A couple of decades later when on another surfing vacation in Costa Rica (the guy seriously loves to hang 10), Jeff was watching the waves crest & barrel when he had a sudden flash of inspiration. Like the perfect wave, the perfect bowl should have an interior lip, one that would funnel food back onto your chip or utensil. Hallelujah!

With the help of product designer Rich Stump, Jeff’s chip creation, dubbed the CaliBowl, was born. As befits a native Californian, CaliBowl is not only smart but eco-friendly, too. They’re made from plastic scraps that would otherwise end up in landfills. In fact, every year, CaliBowl rescues more than 20 tons of plastic leftovers of everything from automobile parts to household goods. That’s a lot of chips & dip! Microwave-safe, dishwasher friendly & BPA-free, they’re available in bright primary colors that remind Jeff of surf wax.

The CaliBowl collection has continued to grow beyond its initial chip-filled purpose. It’s now poised to become the best bowl in beauty. To help create the perfect masking moment, Jeff  crafted a new 100% recycled beauty bowl exclusively for the launch of Origins new RitualiTea collection of tea-based powder face masks! After all, why not look good & do good at the same time?

Why not look good & do good at the same time?

Beyond being the perfect dip & mask vessel, what makes Jeff most proud is the impact CaliBowl has had on the special-needs community. For children & adults who have limited motor skills because of an accident or illness, feeding themselves can be a challenge. “CaliBowls give people the stability & control they need if they have limited dexterity & that brings back a sense of empowerment,” Jeff proudly remarks. “The sheer fact that you’re able to eat without frustration makes for a better quality of life.” So, what started with a salsa splash ends with a greater sense of positive human impact. Who knew one bowl could make such a difference?