Working It: How to Look Fierce On & Off the Field

Game On

8 Weeks to a Brand-New You

By Shelley Levitt

Swimsuit season is over. It’s officially fall which means it’s time to pull out the chunky knits & boots. Finally! Blame the shorter days & cooler temps (or the fact that you’re more cozy & covered up), but you may find you’re not giving your workouts the same love you were just a few months ago. Soon it’s the holidays & then before you know it, you’re vowing to recommit to #newyearnewyou goals. But instead of greeting 2017 by sucking in your stomach, what if you started the New Year in the best shape of your life?

That’s where celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser, founder of AKT, comes in. The former pro dancer is responsible for whipping some of today’s biggest stars (& our biggest girl crushes) into shape. Anna’s high-octane workouts are designed as a hit-all-the-bases mix of cardio, strength & flexibility. They’re super-efficient, but also fun & sexy with names like AKTease (a dance-based interval workout), 4Play (a bootcamp that includes 4 circuits of 4 exercises) & S&M (an advanced sculpting & choreographed dance class that takes place under a disco ball).

Change the way you look & feel in body, mind & spirit.

For those with serious #FitnessFriday goals & a tight timeframe, Anna developed AKTransform. An 8-week program designed to completely change the way you look & feel in body, mind & spirit, while also setting you up for a lifetime of good habits. “I wanted to create a 360-degree lifestyle program that’s sustainable,” Anna says. “I don’t want people burning out after a year.”

Want to design your own fall transformation program so you’re ready to win 2017? Try these tips from Anna:
Embrace Change
If you’re feeling comfortable in your gym sessions or classes, that’s a sign you’ve gotten complacent. Try something new & different that will test you. Embrace the discomfort! “People think if they just sweat for an hour, they’ll reach their goals,” Anna says. “But we all need a combination of strength, cardio & flexibility, and we need to keep challenging ourselves.”

Try something new & different that will test you.

Value Variety
Variety is the spice of life! Switch things up each week by working up a sweat in a bunch of different classes that together provide cardio, strength training & flexibility benefits. Think spinning on Monday, yoga on Wednesday, a weight training on Friday, kickboxing on Saturday & circuit city on Sunday.

Fitness x Function
Add functional fitness to your workout regimen. These are moves & exercises that keep us able to do the things we do in real life—like schlep our groceries up a 4-floor walk-up. Functional movement involves doing a couple of different things at the same time, like squats while lifting a medicine ball over your head or bicep curls (with those groceries!) as you climb a flight of stairs.

Find Your Inner Foodie
Try one new food every week. “Keep a journal & note how your energy changes,” Anna says. Her give-it-a-try faves include bee pollen, dragon fruit, sprouted bread & alkaline water.

Be Mindful
Start a daily mindfulness practice, such as meditation, journaling or mindful walking. Remember, you want a healthy body & brain!