Hey Good Lookin'

Teatox to Detox

By Shelley Levitt

Don’t you just wish there was some magic elixir you could drink that would keep you buzzed in the morning, battle the 3pm slump & lull you to sleep at night? All without the jolts & letdowns of your Triple-Venti-Soy-No Foam-Latte habit? And while providing essential phyto-nutrients that fight everything from wrinkles to weight gain? That would be pretty killer, right? Tea-tally!

Less hassle than a juice fast, detoxing with Tea is easy. If you can boil water, you can teatox. Seriously. Just follow this 4-cup a day teatox program for round-the-clock goodness. The basic principle: Start with dark brews & go lighter & lighter throughout the day.

Less hassle than a juice fast, detoxing with tea is easy.

Begin with Black Tea
Black Tea has the full-bodied taste & aroma that will curb your coffee craving. It’s perfect for that morning wake-up, especially when you choose flavored teas like Pumpkin Spice (it is that time of year, after all), Vanilla Bean, or a classic Earl Grey. Had a little too much fun last night? Try a breakfast blend that’s flavored with stomach-soothing Ginger.

A cup of Black Tea has about 40 mg of Caffeine compared to 105 mg for Coffee. So it might take a couple cups of Black Tea to get you going, but the upside is you’ll be alert without the edge & cruising through those 8 a.m. meetings like a boss. Bonus: Black Tea is known to lower the things you want lowered, like bad cholesterol, blood pressure, risk of skin cancer & kidney stones.

Lean On Green Tea at Lunch
With about half the Caffeine of Black Tea, Green Tea is the go-to beverage for a midday pick-me-up. And with its subtle flavor, it pairs well with anything from your kale-quinoa salad to tuna on rye.

Green Tea contains a health-boosting antioxidant called Epigallocatechin Gallate, or EKCG for short, which is known to help kick your metabolism up a notch. Which means you burn more of those mealtime calories! That calorie torching is even fiercer when combined with exercise. The perfect lunchtime teatox? A cup of Jasmine, Sencha or Matcha, followed by a stroll through the park on your way back to the office.

If you can boil water, you can teatox. Seriously.

Linger Over White Tea in the Late Afternoon
Picked at a younger age, flash steamed & dried, White Tea is delicate in taste & light in Caffeine. But don’t confuse its elegance with weakness. Because it’s minimally processed, White Tea may have the most powerful concentration of fat-burning, wrinkle-preventing antioxidants. Plus, you can find White Tea in tasty blends like Honey Mango, Cucumber Mint, Ginger Pear & Sweet Lime. These might—dare we say it—stave off those 3pm chocolate cravings. Not to mention, this tender tea also serves as a fragrant mini heater for those marathon afternoon meetings in frigid conference rooms.

Go Herbal at Bedtime
Naturally caffeine-free, Chamomile Tea has long been touted as a mild tranquillizer & sleep-inducer. Some scientists say a compound called Apigenin is what makes Chamomile a liquid passage to dreamland. We say, whatever works.