Give Yourself the Gift of Clear Skin

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Give Yourself the Gift of Clear Skin

By Amber Katz

Holiday season—aka your annual multi-month excuse to overindulge on everything. Oh, and to be, you know, thankful for all the awesome stuff & people you have in your life. And you totally are! But amidst the holiday travel, gluttonous portions, marathon drinking & family dynamics, you could find your skin in need of some extra care to counterbalance the stress.

Keep your complexion clear, glowing & snap-ready thru the holidays with tips from the “acne assassin” Dr. Sandra Lee:

Start With A Clean Slate

Treat yourself to a pre-holiday extraction session to clean out pore-clogging gunk. We know it’s tempting, but leave extractions to the pros! Your skin will thank you. If you're super prone to whiteheads & blackheads, you can get extractions once a month. Just don't go overboard.

Hydrating before your trip can help keep skin fresh & dewy.

Dress (Your Skin) For The Weather

Check out the weather where you’re headed. Pack products according to climate.  For warm & humid spots, you’ll want a lightweight lotion. Opt for a richer cream if you’re headed somewhere cool & dry.

Pack Your Papers. Repeat After Us

Always carry blotting papers! Especially if you have oily skin. They help soak up oily shine on the spot. Which can help prevent pesky breakouts.

Drink A Lot (of Water)

Flying home? Drink up! Pre-flight, that is. Dr. Lee explains that hydrating before your trip can help keep skin fresh & dewy. Not dry & dull.

Keep your complexion clear, glowing & snap-ready thru the holidays.

Mask It Up

Give yourself a 10-minute break from the fam. And give your skin 10 minutes of targeted treatment. Try our fave, pore-clearing powerhouse Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask.

Sleep Right

Overeating around the holidays generally involves lots of oversleeping too. Naps. Night time. Whenever. Make sure to wash your face before you pass out. And for good measure, change your pillowcase every few days. If you skip washing your hair, put it up while you snooze so dirty strands don’t put a damper on your complexion.

Take Preventive Measures

Exfoliate on the regular to keep pores clear. Dr. Lee recommends using a Beta-Hydroxy Acid like Salicylic Acid to keep skin clean & clear long term. And always be real. You’re more likely to see an overnight reduction than an overnight miracle.