Editors' Note

Letter from the Editors


Welcome to The Goods™! Are you someone who’s always on the hunt for the next buzzworthy moment, so you can post it first? Well, we should really be friends because so are we. In fact, at Origins, we come across so many cool people who are doing really amazing things, it seemed selfish to keep all that info to ourselves. That’s why we created our blog!

We’ve always said love the planet, love yourself. So here’s the Goods news: You’ll find articles not just on ensuring your skin looks fantastic (although there’s plenty of that), but also on how to live better and make our earth a healthier, happier place. And we know you don’t have a ton of time, so we cut to the chase—our advice and recommendations are simple, easy-to-do and have a big payoff.

Let’s explore! The Goods™; is made up of four sections: Look Good, Feel Good, Live Good, and Do Good. First things first, Look Good. That’s where you’ll find Skin in the Game, which is full of our expert skincare tips (ones you’ve never heard before—we swear!). There’s also Hey Good Lookin, our go-to body care & beauty guide.

Now that you Look Good, we want you to Feel Good, too. Check out Game On for all things fitness & wellbeing. Then head to Freshly Squeezed to discover seriously tasty, supremely easy food & drink recipes and info.

Next up is Live Good, which is essentially one big lifehack. We’ll fill you in on all the best places to travel (and of course what to do when you get there) plus we’ll take you around the world as we discover the potent plants we use in our products. That’s all happening in Round Trip. We’ve also got Oh Naturel!, the hub for fashion, home and entertaining with flair.

Last but most certainly not least, there’s Do Good. Here you’ll find Down to Earth, our spotlight on a do-gooder you’ll want to know everything about. And Dig Deep, digestible info on eco-causes and how to get involved (if you want to). 

We’ve packed this first issue with tons of lots of Goodies. So what are you waiting for? Dive in and discover The Goods™. Then let us know what you think!