Cozy Up Your Casa in 3 Simple Steps

Oh Naturel!

Cozy Up Your Casa in 3 Simple Steps

By Rachel Adler

Transitioning from summer to fall isn’t just about eating apple cider doughnuts with abandon or hauling out the cashmere cable-knits. There’s just something to the cooler, crisper air that makes us want to cuddle up & nest. So, like your wardrobe & dessert (breakfast?) choice, why not update your apartment to match the coziest season?

Enter Orlando Soria, West Coast Creative Director at Homepolish, the wildly popular design service that provides personal & flexible interior design by the hour. When it comes to revamping your décor for fall, Orlando assures us that small changes can make a big impact. Try out these 3 tricks of the trade:

Small changes can make a big impact.

Swap Your Materials
Add seasonal touches to small, but VIP décor elements like throw pillows & textiles. “When fall arrives, I love bringing in cozy fabrics like cashmere - in warmer, autumnal hues, like ivory, beige & sandy brown,” Orlando says. Replace that nautical stripe blanket with a cozy knitted one for a subtle hint of the season.

For the tabletop, Orlando likes to incorporate items with a bit of natural hominess, like branches or pinecones. “I might replace a bright white lacquer tray with a natural finish wood tray,” he says. “Bringing in more wood accents, from candle holders to sculptural objects, ups the autumnal vibe in a subtle, sophisticated way.”

Play With Texture & Color
Crafting a color scheme also goes far in making your home feel festive. Instead of just haphazardly buying fall-themed decorations (hello mini pumpkins & gourds!), Orlando suggests using textures & colors to invoke the season.

Crafting a color scheme also goes far in making your home feel festive.

An excellent example of texture & color is an autumn floral arrangement. Instead of fresh flowers that need to be replaced every few days (ugh), fill your vases with beautiful branches covered in colorful leaves or berries. They’ll keep all season! “It's a fantastic way to bring in that fall feel without getting too cheesy,” Orlando tells us.

Rethink Your Display Items
Getting your digs fall-ready can be as simple as switching the objets you currently have on view. “Small edits make a huge difference,” Orlando promises. Most of the year, he puts large-scale art books on the coffee table. In the fall months, he will bring out books with a vintage vibe & “beautiful linen covers with age & warmth.”

Just swapping books can immediately make your home feel cozier. “Multiply that with pillows, throws, trays & accessories,” he says, “And you’ve completely transformed your home into an inviting autumn sanctuary.”